JETI Judit v4.36

Программа диагностики Юнгхайнрих - Jungheinrich JUDIT 4.36 2021
Judit Юнгхайнрих диагностическая программа для диагностики погрузчиков и другой складской техники Jungheinrich.

Software JUDIT-4 – Version 4.36
Ladies and Gentlemen, Together with this memo you are receiving the current Jungheinrich diagnostic tool software on this DVD.

Changes and supplements:
The following items have been improved or newly introduced in this issue:
· Basic software CoDeSys Runtime [version] debugged
· Miscellaneous projects revised
· Selection Katliste.csv aligned
· “Zusatzdiagnose” setup process reorganized, therefore a new one-time installation is necessary!

Validity of the software JUDIT 4 - version 4.27 (03 / 13):
The software is valid until 2014-09-30 and will be replaced in time by version 4.28.
System requirements:
· Windows XP - SP3 (SP2 is NOT sufficient!)
· Alternatively Windows 7 – SP1 (does NOT apply all parts of “Zusatzdiagnose”!)
· XGA-graphics (High Colour 16 Bit with 1024 x 768)
· DVD-Drive
· Minimum 2.5 GB of free Hard Disk Space
· Security Control Client (>= Version, delivered with JETI-ET) installed and enabled
· Acrobat Reader installed, only Version 6.01 to 6.06 or X (10)!
· Current up to date Judit-4-license-file ("License_JH.lfj")!

Initial Setup on service laptop:
1. Judit-4
· Note: the initial setup requires admin permissions!
(For initial setup under control of JH-MTATools see page 4)
· Insert DVD and launch Windows Explorer.
· Right click Judit-4-Installer.exe to start installation.
· Mark "Update". Finally click button "Start".
· Mark "Full installation" if an older version has to be uninstalled (the content of the folder “C:Program FilesJungheinrich AGDiagnoseJudit-3” will be deleted completely!). Finally click button "Start".
· End of installation is indicated by the following dialog box. Hit Button "OK" to exit.
· Make sure that the Judit-4-license file "License_JH.lfj" is present inside the folder "C:Program
FilesJungheinrich AGDiagnose Judit 3Kunde", otherwise you will receive an error message “100” when starting Judit-4 !
· Note: JUDIT 4 must be installed to C:Program FilesJungheinrich AGDiagnoseJUDIT-3 !
. Auxiliary Diagnostic Program and OEM-Software (see also “Zusatzdiagnose 4.27.pdf”!)
· For installation of the Auxiliary Diagnostic Program "Zusatzdiagnose-Setup.exe" has to be executed from the DVD.
· Note: during the installation of SICK software “CDS” you will be asked for restarting. Please
click on button “NO” and restart only when installation has finally finished!

Installation via JH-MTATools:
· If JH-MTATools (> = version 1.00.0010) is present on the service PC, installation is possible
with only user permissions. No admin required.
· Insert DVD and open Windows-Start-Menu. Run "Judit 4 Setup" under Start / Program Files /
· If not currently present, copy license file "License_JH.lfj" into the folder "C:Program
FilesJungheinrich AGDiagnose Judit-3Kunde", otherwise you will receive the error message “100” when starting Judit-4 !
· For installation of the Auxiliary Diagnostic Program "Zusatzdiagnose-Setup.exe" open
Windows-Start-Menu. Run Start / Programme / JH-MTATools / Judit ZD Update. Please follow the note on page 3 below!

Тип авто каталога: Диагностика
Регионы: Все регионы 
Поддерживаемые языки: Английский
Операционные системы: WinXP, Windows 7/8/10
Количество дисков: 1 DVD
Дата: 2/2021 
Цена каталога: 150 USD

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JETI Judit v4.36 Программа для диагностики вилочных погрузчиков Юнгхайнрих - Jungheinrich Judit
JETI Judit v4.36 Программа для диагностики вилочных погрузчиков Юнгхайнрих - Jungheinrich Judit
JETI Judit v4.36 Программа для диагностики вилочных погрузчиков Юнгхайнрих - Jungheinrich Judit
JETI Judit v4.36 Программа для диагностики вилочных погрузчиков Юнгхайнрих - Jungheinrich Judit



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